Friday, January 1, 2010

Little Einsteins

I knew the time would come..... CARTOONS! AJ has started to really enjoy a few different cartoons. He loves Mickey Mouse still (calls it Mimi) and he likes Barney but his favorite is Little Einsteins. It's a very cute cartoon that teaches all kinds of things. They learn about colors, buttons, clapping, patting, animals, music and so many other things.

Back when Holly & Joels twins were AJ's age, they were both VERY into Little Einsteins. I remember watching them watch the show in their little chairs and they'd sing the theme song over and over. So much so, that it would get stuck in my mind for a long time! Well, here we go again! I sing this song all day, everyday. UGH! :)

Good luck not getting it stuck in your head!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this age! 18 months is SO MUCH FUN! AJ is really at the age where I know he understands much of what I say and we can even have these mini converations :) So fun! He can, at times, tell me what he wants or doesn't want which is so helpful. He's picking up new words every day. I'm trying to get him to say I....LOVE...YOU! He can say it (sorta) if he listens to me word for word. Well, I like to think he is learning it :)

Today, I taught him butterfly and eskimo kisses. He laughs and laughs when we do it. He's a blast!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dare Devil

Here's a new video from tonight. AJ's not afraid to take some risks, that's for sure! Oh, and here's a new dance :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fire Truck

We all know that AJ is obsessed with trains, but fire trucks are a close second. When we go to my moms house, we pass a fire station and he makes the fire truck sound EVERY single time. He's also got a few fire trucks at home that he likes to play with.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and there was a huge fire truck sitting outside the store. I guess they were loading up on groceries too. So, AJ and I walked over to the truck- I just wanted him to see it up close. Well, there was the nicest fireman there who came up to us and started talking to us. Out of the blue, he asked if AJ wanted to see the tools on the truck and he opened the passenger side door and offered for AJ to sit in the truck. I couldn't believe it! What a nice guy!

I tried to put AJ in the seat, but he got scared so he just looked around for a bit. He stared at the fireman for a while and seemed really interested in what he had to say.

We're so lucky to live in this town with such amazing people!

No No No No

AJ's really been learning a lot lately. He has started to mimic me more and more. Not always a good thing!

I didn't realize that I did this, but when AJ does something he's not allowed to do, I say "no, no, no, no". Guess who runs around the house all day saying that???

The way he says it, it sounds like, "none, none, none, none".... What have I done! :)

He has also learned to say "Uh uh" (meaning no) and "Uh huh" (meaning yes) when I ask him something. I do think he knows the difference, but I also think he likes to say Uh uh, more!

Best of all...... He has FINALLY learned to say PLEASE!!!!!!!! He learned it at my moms house on Christmas eve. I wish we could have videoed this because my mom and I were making SUCH a big deal out of him saying it- so that he would continue to say it more and know that it's a good thing to say. It sounds like "PEEE" but it does the trick. I am THRILLED!

Christmas 2009!

Where do I even begin??!! This Christmas season has been CRAZY busy and exhausting, but most of all FUN!!!!!!!!

My dad and Cory flew in on Tuesday and were welcomed by FREEZING temperatures and a few inches of snow. We were so happy to have a white Christmas, but sadly, the cold put a damper on some of our plans.

On Wednesday, I had planned for us to all go to the North Pole about an hour away, but since it is outside and the high that day was 12, we decided to skip it. We ended up trying out the Wildlife Experience in Denver which was fun, but AJ is a few years too young for it. He did enjoy seeing all the animals and running around, but was more fascinated by the snow blower outside the building than anything.

On Thursday, Pop & Grammy Cory got to experience Little Monkey Bizness. AJ got to run around and play with other kids and play on all the toys there while we watched. Pop & Grammy were amazed at how much AJ has changed in the past 3 months. He was running around all week saying "Pop! Pop!" So cute!

Then, that night we all went over to my mom and Dave's for Christmas Eve dinner. I feel SO incredibly lucky that although my parents are divorced and remarried, they get along and are willing to spend the holidays together. I can't tell you how much easier this is on me and how comfortable it is.

So, my Mom cooked up this WONDERFUL meal; prime rib, corn, salad and all the fixins. YUMMY! We enjoyed the meal together and then it was time to get AJ to bed because SANTA was coming!!!

On Christmas, AJ woke up early (you'd have thought he actually KNEW Santa was coming??!!) and I made breakfast and we started opening presents. We opened..and opened...and opened...and opened....For THREE hours we opened presents! Somewhere in there my Mom & Dave come over so we could exchange with them as well. My house looked (and still does look) like a bomb of presents went off! AJ's pile of presents was ridiculous! He got SO many wonderful gifts! The gift of the year though was the TRAIN. He got FIVE trains for Christmas- all different ones. Santa got him this awesome ride on train (see video below), Grandpa Dave got him this beautiful wood train, Pop & Grammy got him this awesome small wood train, Grandma got him a ride on Vtech train and then I got him some train bath toys. It was CHOOO CHOOO allllll day long!

AJ also got some other amazing gifts. Oma and Papa got him this wonderful Vtech giraffe that is a stationary bike. When he rides it, it talks to him and teaches him letters and colors among other things. He LOVES it! In fact, yesterday I heard him on it and he started trying to say some letters.

We had a really amazing Christmas this year. It was so nice to be with family and to all be able to watch AJ enjoy the season. He learned to open presents and I felt like he really appreciated each thing he opened (As much as he could).